Book Reviews

Jillian J., Age 9
“I just read Harley Gets Adopted. It is a great book. Is it a true story? I was so interested in this book. I think you are a great author.”

Sandy S.
“My 4-year old grandson was given Harley Gets Adopted as a gift. It is one of his favorite books and when he and I read the book together at bedtime. We have had great fun making the recipe for the “Pea-mutt Butter Dog Treats” that’s included in the back of the book. I just had the opportunity to be a “Mystery Reader” for his preschool class and chose this book to share. The class really enjoyed it, and the message about adopting pets from animal shelters is a great lesson for everyone. I bought a copy to give to his teachers for their classroom.”

Alicia K.
“Harley Gets Adopted is a wonderful book for all ages to read. The illustrations and message are superb. Having worked for a local Humane Society for a number of years, I know their most important goals are to raise public awareness in the areas of humane treatment and to find permanent homes for all animals. I especially appreciate how Kathy so lovingly calls a “permanent” home a “forever” home for Harley. In Kathy’s book, she surely hits the mark. She did a wonderful job and her book truly comes from her heart.”